Chances are, you’ve heard of Original S.W.A.T by now. As the premier manufacturer of tactical performance footwear, they’re at the top of the game when it comes to designing for the needs of security forces, law enforcement officers and military operators. Offering an extensive range of ASTM (American Society for Testing and Materials) and CSA (Canadian Standards Association) approved safety footwear, the waterproof and insulated shoes feature the ultimate in safety and protection. Today’s article breaks down the benefits of S.W.A.T footwear and why you need a pair today.

Safety tested to rigorous standards

The whole premise behind Original S.W.A.T footwear is that they are engineered for safety. The entire range is slip resistant, oil resistant and tested to the highest of standards - exceeding the ASTM F489-96 standard. The protective footwear features composite toe caps, which provide more protection than steel, but are also more comfortablel. The flagship safety boots feature electrical hazard protection and are shock resistant.

Unique manufacturing processes mean maximum comfort

As the only global manufacturer that can provide instant, out of the box comfort, custom moulded thermoplastic heel counters, Original S.W.A.T footwear should be your top choice. Each boot is placed on a special machine during the manufacturing process to curve the heel zone around the shape of an actual human foot. No break-in time is required for these shoes and due to this process the team have been able to nearly eliminate blisters and discomfort altogether.

Side-zip tactical boots for ease of use

Original S.W.A.T footwear can provide wearers with the ultimate ease of access through the side-zipper boot. Designed with an industry leading and globally trusted zipper brand, these boots provide long-term durability and reliability, and are great for use around metal detectors and security sensors when boots have to be taken off and put back on quickly.

Quality workmanship

With double and sometimes triple stitched bonded nylon, you can be assured that every detail has been designed and tested in the field to meet rigorous special operations demands. The boots are all produced from the highest quality materials and produced for comfort, breathability and durability.

Original S.W.A.T footwear are constantly investing in research to improve their tactical footwear whereever possible. All products are tested thoroughly in the lab and in the field, and are constantly being improved as new technologies emerge. Their relentless passion for perfection means that Original S.W.A.T will be one of your favourite pair of boots. Check out the extensive range of Original S.W.A.T footwear today available right here on LEGEAR Australia.