LEGEAR is proud and very excited to be a major sponsor of Curtis Mc Grath – Soldier turned Sporting Superstar! With less than 54 days until Curtis competes at the 2016 Rio de Janeiro Paralympic Games, LEGEAR joined forces with local Gold Coast businesses to raise funds for Curtis’ mission raising over $8,000!

Who is Curtis McGrath

In 2006 at the age of 18, Curtis joined the Australian Army and immediately focused on Combat Engineering in a role that provides mobility whilst denying the enemy mobility. His duties ranged from building structure and converting seawater into drinking water to destroying bridges and clearing mines and booby traps. In August 2012, Curtis’ life changed forever when two months into a tour of Taliban-rife areas he stepped on a homemade landline, otherwise known as an IED (Improvised Explosive Device) and he tragically lost both his legs.

The Legs

Curtis lost his right left above the knee and the left leg just below the knee. After the rehabilitation process, Curtis was fitted with prosthetic legs made by German company Otto Bock.

The Training

Literally within minutes of losing his legs, Curtis made the decision to become a Paralympian. Since that day Curtis has been training hard to make this happen in his chosen field of canoeing. To be ready for the Rio Games in September, Curtis has been training 12 times a week with an elite kayaker and now Australian Paracanoe coach Andrea King. The Next Challenge Today Curtis is an established and proven athlete having won or placed in numerous national and international canoe events. He is now ready to put his mark on the prestigious Paralympics and will compete in Paracanoe KL2 class.

Good luck Curtis!