Who are Salomon?

Salomon has been playing in the French Alps since 1947, with a small workshop producing saw blades, in downtown Annecy, France. Soon afterwards, they adapted their equipment to make steel edges for skis … naturally progressing to bindings … with the first Salomon modern ski binding, replacing the traditional leather straps being released in 1957.

Now, Salomon products are available for a number of sporting markets, including trail running, hiking, adventure racing, climbing, skiing and snowboarding. Salomon skis remain on top of skiers’ preferences.

They take their business very seriously – but are more than happy to play with the rules, to better enjoy them. They are constantly inventing and progressing to bring new products to us … even if that means rewritting the rule book!

Salomon Hiking Boots and Shoes

Ideal for the adrenaline junkies and those who love getting out there and discovering nature at its finest, our selection of Salomon boots and shoes will definitely “keep you on your toes”!

We offer a range of hiking boots as well as running shoes and Assault boots!

With the weather warming up on our side of the planet – allow us to introduce you to the Salomon XA Pro 3D Mid Forces boot.

This bad boy is an ideal assault boot for our hot climate. It provides great under-foot stability and ankle protection … with a breathable, mesh upper and Quicklace system. “What is this Quicklace System we speak of?” Patented by Salomon, it enables fast, easy adjustment of the laces … on the fly … never again will you have untied laces … or loose ends!

While you are out being adventurous … the last thing you want to do is slip, even just a little bit … and twist an ankle … or worse – which I won’t even go into! This all-terrain boot has Contagrip. Before you ask … this is another feature developed by the team at Salomon, because they wanted to be 100% confident with their footwear’s performance … in rain, ,shine, or on asphalt or rock. They have ingeniously balanced a blend of density, compound and geometry to create a non-marking, super durable outsole.

Our hot summers can bring us drenching rains, so of course, these boots come with full weather protection – in the guise of a full Gore-Tex bootie. I’m sure by now you know what Gore-Tex is … right? Good!

Salomon XA Pro 3D Mid Forces Boot – Focus on the Mission … not your feet!