Since 1947 French equipment manufacturer, Salomon began producing high quality alpine gear. In 1992 their range expanded and evolved to include hiking boots to the same execptional quality Salomon had become known for. With over 71 years of experience in servicing the needs of elite athletes worldwide there can be no questioning why Salomon launched the “Force” range; now servicing the needs of elite military, police and first response personnel worldwide.

Salomon’s ‘Force’ range offers plenty of variety to satisfy the most demanding individual’s needs and mission requirements. Prolonged backcountry rocky terrains to city streets and everything in between is catered for and further options cater for uniform colour stipulations.

If you’re heading to foreign lands with wild landscapes, the
Quest may be the answer for you. Bred from rugged hiking bloodlines and mixed with military badassery, the Quest is ready to guide on the journey ahead. Featuring the Salomon 4D Chassis Contagrip sole sure-footing on rocky, harsh terrains will be maintained. The mix of full grain leather and mesh paneling that for the upper work extremely well to plant the foot, stabilise the ankle and easily manage moisture by wicking it out via the mesh panels. Other features carried over from its hiking heritage is the midfoot lace locks. This feature allows you to vary lace tension between the foot and ankle, ultimately giving you the ability to adjust a range of movement in the ankle dependent on the gradient of terrain you’re conquering or to simple improve your range of movement. A GTX (Gore-tex) version is available for those operating in cooler and wet environments and of course; black or desert tan colour options complete the range. The endpoint of the Quest 4D Forces is high levels of user comfort.

For the First Responder market, Salomon have put forward a new pedigree, the
Urban Jungle Ultra. Featuring a Salomon Contagrip sole with a flatten tread pattern design provides the wearer with greater underfoot feel and response on hard, flat surfaces. The leather upper and one piece top will allow the boot to hold a high polish in compliance with your agency’s uniform standards. From the ankle up, the Urban Jungle Ultra features an open cell mesh ankle support which proves maximum breathability and counterbalancing the full leather toe. Despite first impression, the integration between the heel cup and shaft (ankle support) actually provides great protection to the ankle and offers an impressive level of roll protection for it minimalistic design. If those all those features aren’t enough, the triple stitching over the toe puts this boot deep into the “long-life” basket and would make Doctor Marten himself quiver with delight!

A game-changing trail running shoe is the
Salomon XA Pro 3D. This shoe offers the wearers support for multi-terrain environments and features integrated side supports coupled with Salomon’s Kevlar speed lacing system. The XA Pro 3D offers support and stability outside the realm of a normal trail shoes while maintaining under foot response seconds to none. Salomon escalated things quickly though by giving a the XA Pro 3D a Mil-Spec dose of steroids to create the mighty XA Force Mid.

If high-speed, low drag is more your thing, the
XA Forces Mid will appeal to you. With the same chassis as the XA Pro 3D, it now comes in Mid-Cut for added ankle support and protection. Some extra features include inside arch rub guards which will make speed roping and rope climbing seem rather nonchalant elements of the mission. Further add-ons are to the arch of the sole which now feature aggressive ridges to further aid roping and climbing capabilities. The mesh used in the upper toe and sides is fine enough to keep the grit and dust out but still allow moisture out to expedite drying when saturated. GTX (Gore-tex) variants are available for the XA Force Mid and further colour options of black or burro (brown) will allow you to blend in or stand out as you see fit.

Research shows an association with poor physical alignment and common diseases such as cardiovascular disease, joint degeneration, osteoporosis, and foot issues and we now understand that biometric alignment seems key to healthy, functional living. Reduce fatigue, reduce associate joint injury and improving general health can be as simple as a wearing quality and properly fitted footwear.

Regardless of which option takes your fancy, the Salomon range of footwear is neutrally aligned and come with a removable dual density ‘Ortholite’ inner soles. For those with pronate or supinate correcting orthotics, you can simply swap out the ‘Ortholites’ to create the perfect, custom fitting footwear. Our feet are the first things to hit the ground and the last into bed. We expect a lot out of them with little thought or regard and only consider them when it's too late and they’re already hurting. It’s time we took greater care and paid more attention to the tyres on our very own vehicle so you can go the distance your mission requires.

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