Springvale, Victoria (18 May, 2017) - LEGEAR announced today that it is the first supplier to stock the innovative load bearing ONE299 range.

The ONE299 product range has evolved as a result of continuous development with the Australian and New Zealand armed forces during their endeavours domestic and abroad. The first release items demonstrated the need to innovate and overcome problematic areas in the commercial off-the-shelf equivalents that caused a reduction in end user performance.

As seen in Recoil Magazine

The ONE299 Frame accommodates all sized users and is the first of its kind – the generation 2 model is now being rolled-out to the Australian Defence Force and New Zealand Special Forces after a trial of the improved Generation 2 version was deemed to be the most superior frame on the market. The ABAS Plate Carrier system is in service with Australian state and overseas Tactical Response Groups and featured on the front of Recoil Magazine Issue 28. The ONE299 Medium Assault Pack is identical to the in service ADF 3 day Assault Pack in every way, with the exception of colour. The ONE299 range incorporates everything the Future Fighter needs.

The ONE299 range consists of 5 essential combat pieces [ CLICK HERE ] to learn more