There is nothing quite like the sweet smell of coffee in the morning, and with nearly half the adult population in Australia drinking it, it’s no wonder that coffee is thoroughly ingrained in many people’s morning rituals.

Not surprisingly, caffeine (the stimulating substance in coffee) is the worlds most consumed legal stimulant. One which, if used wisely, offers quite a substantial number of mental and physical benefits.

So, what is it about caffeine that has us jumping out of bed in the morning? Let’s look at the science:


  1. Alertness - Caffeine has several mood enhancing effects, alertness being the most sort after. This alertness occurs by caffeine’s ability to boost our brains ‘mood enhancing’ neurotransmitters (brain chemicals) as well as regulating certain other neurotransmitters. Neurotransmitters which would typically build up in the absence of caffeine, contributing to us feeling tired groggy and sluggish as the day progresses. This mental energy or alertness proves to be why caffeine is the primary ingredient added to most energy drinks and pre-workout concoctions.
  2. Motivation - One of these fore mentioned ‘mood enhancing’ neurotransmitters is called dopamine. Dopamine is quite famous for how it positively affects our mood, bringing us the pleasure and reward sensation we desperately crave….. BUT….more notable to today’s discussion, is the interesting fact that dopamine is also essential to our ‘seeking behaviour’ the behaviour that moves us (motivates us) towards achieving a goal.
  3. Physical ability - Many studies over the years have shown that caffeine, in varying doses can have an ‘ergogenic ‘(enhancing) effect on our physical ability. This is due to its effect on many different pathways and systems in our body however, it seems, much of this benefit also comes from caffeine’s ability to decrease our perception of mental and physical fatigue. By feeling less ‘taxed’ we can train longer, work harder and reap the benefits of doing as such.


The above listed benefits are ones that supplement companies and energy drink makers alike proport to have ‘bottled’. Promising consumers an elixir which enhances their ‘limitless’ potential. The problem is that many energy promising concoctions containing caffeine also bring many possible performance limitations. Including:


  1. The ‘crash’ - Yes that agonising slump we often feel a few hours after our brew, pre- workout or our caffeinated concoction exits our system leaving you wondering if the burst of energy was really worth it in the first place.
  2. Jitters, shakes and restlessness - A common side effect of caffeine (specifically too much) is that jittering restlessness which is counterproductive to our initial intake intention. The same neurotransmitters that heighten our alertness can (if not measured) also leave us with an increased heart rate, the shakes and anxiety.
  3. Weight management - albeit tantalising to our tastebuds, sugar in drinks (soft drinks, energy drinks and alcohol) is one of the largest contributors to excess weight across all first world countries. The huge sugar content in most commercially available energy drinks also can cause insulin fluctuations and exacerbate the energy slump we feel as caffeine exits our system.
  4. Stomach upset - Colours and artificial ingredients galore, many energy products leave you wondering what chemical factory they were created in. Upset stomach, headaches, mood and sleep disturbances are all not uncommon in those sensitive to these additive ingredients.

Here is where we introduce Strike Force Energy. A liquid product cleverly designed for the tactical environment by Veterans themselves. Veterans who have fought through the toughest of terrains and pushed the limits of human endurance, who understand the importance of a mental acuity product that will assist with getting the job done when you are literally running on empty. They’ve experienced the challenges of product portability and understand the importance of physical tolerance in keeping an optimal mood and a steady hand.

Perfect for On-Duty energy requirements, late night shifts, high-intensity training or merely a boost to your productivity in the office…Strike Force promises to lift you up without dropping you afterwards. Strike Force Energy beverage promises to be the #Fuelforyourfight with a cleverly designed, back pocket portable 6ml liquid pouch. Each serve contains an optimal dose of caffeine (similar to a strong cup of brewed coffee) enhanced with the following additions to make this energy boost a super well rounded smooth mental and physical experience!


  1. Taurine - an amino acid that is in abundant throughout our nervous system. It has a calming effect on the mind (again by affecting our neurotransmitters) and has been shown to have an anxiety reducing effect stopping the crash most other caffeinated energy products cause.
  2. B Vitamins - (B3, B6, B12) – Essential to our nervous system these vitamins are extremely important for hundreds of enzymatic processes throughout the body. They support the production and utilisation of amino acids essential for our energy metabolism and also support optimal levels of neurotransmitters in the brain.

These synergistic additions of caffeine, Taurine and B Vitamins mean that the effect of this group is greater than the sum of its parts.

No crash…No anxiety and none of the chemical or sugar fuelled nasties!!!!

So pack it in your kit bag, duty bag, gym bag…rip it…drip it…sip it…any way you can!


Article written by experienced clinical Dietician for LEGEAR, not for product reproduction.
Amanda Turbill, APD, MNutr&Diet, BSc (Molecular Genetics & Biochemistry)