In a day and age where counting your macros is everything, it should be easy to understand that individual seconds and millilitres are critical when responding to calls for service involving acute trauma and mass bleeding.

When these inevitable events occur the onus falls on First Responders to not only have the skills but the tools necessary for saving that life. In conjunction with tradition and modern threat trends, tourniquets, modular bandages and chest seals are considered essential items and are quickly making where way to neighbour firearms, Tasers and handcuffs on duty belts world-wide.

Having access to essential life saving equipment is one thing, but having immediate, direct and organised access is paramount in providing fast and effective care to positively impact on patient outcomes; especially where seconds and millilitres count the most.

Regardless where your tourniquet loyalties lay between SOFTT or C-A-T, we can at least all agree on centralised, ready access by either hands is preferable, however, in the equipment laden world of First Responser's, ‘anywhere’ is better then ‘nowhere’. The Eleven 10’s Rigid TQ [tourniquet] Case range removes all the excuses for the ‘nowhere’ argument by being extremely user friendly and allowing for a vast array of mounting options which is determined by the operator themselves. For those who work in extreme environments or simply want a more secure option, the Rigid TQ Case can be fitted with an additional soft velcro top cover to better secure and protect your chosen tourniquet. If the hard case isn’t your thing, Eleven 10 also makes several soft yet high rugged 1000D nylon TQ pouches. The SABA and TQ/Self-Aid Pouches will house your chosen tourniquet and even provide a little more room for smaller haemostatic dressings or PPE gloves.

With the tourniquets sorted out, the modular bandages, chest seals, trauma shears and (depending on your medical prowess) mechanical airways will also need a home. The Eleven 10 Square Med Pouch provides a perfect solution offering plenty of room to fit all these essential items in without excessive bulk. As standard for all Eleven 10 products, fitting options are vast with the supplied Malice Clips which double as belt loops or direct MOLLE adaptors. For those that love to ‘Go Gucci’ the Square Med Pouch is available in a Quick Detach variant. By unclipping a single quick release buckle, the pouch can be accessed normally or totally removed from the velcro backing plate allowing you greater access to your life saving supplies. The Quick Detach variant is also the perfect option for those who choose to attach their IFAK (Individual First Aid Kit) to their duty bag.

The Eleven 10 tourniquet cases and pouches are fitted with velcro panels for application of Medical Cross indicator patches allowing for quick identification of medical stores by yourself and third parties; in the unfortunate event you become a victim yourself.

In the world of trauma chaos and stress reign supreme. It’s only the calm, prepared and organised operators who will positively effect the situation. The faster effective aid is proved will it increase the survivability of the sustained trauma and further reduce the casualty’s recovery and rehabilitation times. Having immediate and ready access to life saving equipment can be the difference between life and death. With the complete range of medic pouches from Eleven 10 all that will be left to consider is your own training.