Not only is it a basic survival need but also being able to start a fire may assist when it comes to being found by a Search and Rescue team. It always looks easy in the movies (all you need is a match and the bottom of your shoes, right?), but what if you don’t have a match … or your shoes? 

Our new partners at First Tactical have shared with us some of the more unique ways that a fire can be started even if your Go Bag has been comprised.

The Soda and Chocolate Method

Yes – your lunch can make fire! All you need is a bar of chocolate and a soft drink can. Rub the bottom of the can with the chocolate – then wipe it off with a napkin (no …. don’t lick it off!) Repeat this step until the bottom of the can reflects – just like a mirror. Arrange your kindling then place the can on the right angle so it reflects direct heat onto it. Watch this to see how it’s done.

The Battery and Gum Wrapper Method

This handy method is not only simple, but who doesn’t have a battery powered torch and chewing gum as part of their daily inventory? Just cut the chewing gum wrapper along one of the pre-folded sides, then tear or cut a ‘bridge’ into the middle (just like this), then place one end of the wrapper to the negative side of the battery first … then touch the other end to the positive side of the battery … oh – and make sure you have some kindling ready to go, as this sparks up straight away!


Here is another good reason to carry a condom in your wallet … “Come on baby, light my fire”. Similar to a magnifying glass, a condom when filled with water, can use direct sunlight when held over kindling. Click here to watch it in action. 

The Good Old Flint and Steel Method

This isn’t as ‘Survivor’ as the other methods, but to be honest, flint is really something you should be carrying in your Go Bag regardless. Flint and steel can be paired with heaps of unique items to start a fire – for instance, if you don’t have any dry kindling, go to your medical kit and pull out the Petroleum Jelly, Hand Sanitiser or bandage fabric – and there you go!