The TRANGO Systems have been designed to enhance the training capabilities at current and future range facilities, for both live fire and force-on-force activities. 

The system is made up of easy to assemble, lightweight panels that do not have a minimum engagement distance and present no fragmentation risk. 

The panels are light, but robust enough to remain effective during dynamic training exposures and are resistant to inclement weather events. 



TRANGO allows units to create complex structures that mimic operational conditions and allow for realistic training, improving skill levels, survivability, and lethality.

TRANGO provides significant modular training environments that allow for room clearance and associated drills, tubular assaulting, streetscape sneaker ranges, and an impressive arrangement of targets and range compliant furniture and reality-based items. The TRANGO barricades will also be of interest for use on ADF and LE ranges, providing a safe, effective, and professional solution for activities within this training spectrum.  

The system is not confined to live fire training environments, with significant applications around FOF training programs. TRANGO can be used to convert any open floor space (internal or external) into an effective and flexible combative training venue for use with UTM or similar.


  • Range targets
  • Barricades
  • Infrastructure
  • True to life accessories


A wide range of targets to suit any range practice, including “friend and foe” and vehicle targets to force shooters to discriminate between shoot / no-shoot personnel.

Trango targets and infrastructure is capable of absorbing more than 12,000 x 5.56mm rounds and 3,000 x 9mm rounds before requiring replacement – meaning they last far longer than traditional range targets. 

Trango targets have no minimum safe engagement distance as they do not fragment, allowing for more realistic training and engagement at close ranges.



Allow users to create various courses of fire for range practices and teach shooters to shoot through various apertures and from unorthodox firing positions – vital in urban operations.



Allow units to create an endless range of rooms or building structures (including tunnel systems) in order to create practically any layout.

The modular nature of Trango also allows users to reconfigure room/building layouts quickly and easily in order to keep training dynamic.



True to life systems including things such as vehicles, furniture, and appliances these can be used to create life-like scenarios for complex training evolutions.


Find out more about Trango here.

Trango Infrastructure is now available at LEGEAR. For inquiries and pricing, please contact LEGEAR Government Solutions team on 1300 53 4327 or Email: