Aussie Peelback (APB) is a Veteran owned company, founded by Canadian Armed Forces members who saw the need to improve on existing Individual First Aid Kit (IFAK) and Tactical Care of Combat Casualty (TCCC) equipment designs and carriage solutions following incidents that occurred whilst on operations.

Whilst there is a plethora of IFAK, tourniquet and trauma shear pouches available on the market that will get the job done, APB’s innovative solutions allow users to carry more of the right medical gear, more easily.


Whilst most units (both Military and Law Enforcement) now carry IFAK’s, they have traditionally been mounted on either plate carriers / load bearing vests (on cummerbunds or rear panels) or on gun/duty belts. Whilst these mounting options work, they present a number of limitations and issues when it comes to functionality.

Mounting IFAK’s on cummerbunds widens the wearer’s profile and can create issues when working in tight spaces, close country, donning / doffing assault packs, and impede access to essential belt-mounted equipment such as magazines, pistols etc.

Rear-mounted IFAK’s are generally inadvisable, as they are largely inaccessible to the wearer, make working in and out of vehicles highly impractical and cause issues with carrying assault packs if dismounting.

Additionally, vest mounted IFAK’s present the problem of not being easily accessible with either hand. Mounting an IFAK on either cummerbund will make it difficult to access in a situation where one arm is incapacitated and accessing a rear-mounted IFAK will require a buddy or removal of the vest – which is far from optimal in a tactical situation.

Belt mounted IFAK’s are a great option, as they can be more easily mounted for ambidextrous access in the middle of the back, however, this too poses problems for units who operate with vehicles as they make sitting uncomfortable and become inaccessible in the event of an IED strike or vehicle collisions where a casualty is stuck inside the vehicle.

Having seen all of these scenarios unfold operationally, and being well aware of the importance of ensuring that end-users are able to easily access lifesaving medical gear when they need it, APB’s founders developed an IFAK to solve those problems.


The MED Plate 2.0 presents an innovative solution to traditional IFAK issues by mounting the IFAK within the operator’s plate carrier (in the space created by the concave curvature of the ballistic plate), where not only is it concealed and protected from damage and environmental conditions, but it is easily accessible with either hand with a single pull of the deployment lanyard.

On average, the MED Plate 2.0 adds only 0.4 inches (1cm) of width to the front of an operator’s plate carrier.

The MED Plate itself is available in Grey, or Hi-Vis Orange (which gives the added benefit of being used as a panel marker for MEDEVAC) and can also be used as a splint – further reducing the number of equipment operators need to carry.

This reusable, modular system allows operators to carry a sizeable IFAK (tailored to their individual needs) whilst streamlining the way they are able to configure their gear. The MED Plate 2.0 is FR Rated to UL 94 V-2, and ballistic testing demonstrates no fragmentation risk to wearers.

The MED Plate 2.0 has been deployed on operations internationally with CANSOF and US SOF personnel and proven itself as an effective system in real-world situations, having been used recently by an operator to treat themselves after taking around to the chest plate during a contact.  


  • Frees up space on plate carriers/belts.
  • Distributes weight optimally by placing it on the centre line of the body.
  • Streamlines your gear.
  • IFAK, panel marker and splint all in one.
  • Carry more medical gear, more easily.
  • Ideal for those who operate in/out of vehicles.
  • Ambidextrous access
  • FR rated to UL-94 V-2.
  • Does not fragment or splinter following a round strike.


The TQ Sidekick is a compact, easy to use tourniquet pouch that can be Velcro sandwiched to the bottom of a plate carrier, or MOLLE mounted anywhere required. The TQ sidekick integrates seamlessly with the deployment lanyard on the MED Plate 2.0 and is an ideal pairing.

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