Rite in the Rain

Since 1916 Rite in the Rain has made all-weather durable writing goods that are always ready for a hard day's work. If there's work to be done, Rite in the Rain is out there doing it. And while the products are tough, they're not tough to use. You can use a pencil. You can use a ballpoint pen. You can use a permanent marker. When the going really gets tough, you can use a weatherproof Rite in the Rain pen. For over 100 years, Rite in the Rain has consistently delivered, that's why the U.S. military, and now the Australian Army, use it for their tactical field notebook.

More about Rite in the Rain

Their patented paper is the backbone of their business. Out of their Tacoma, USA factory, they turn sustainably sourced domestic paper into weatherproof Rite in the Rain notebooks, shipped around the world to professionals in a number of industries that all demand durability. That's why Rite in the Rain's great for dusty, dirty environments or those long wet shifts where durability matters.

Coming soon… Weather-proof printer paper.

For rugged and weatherproof documents and forms, professionals rely on Rite in the Rain printer paper. All you need is a laser printer and you can produce weatherproof, writable documents including maps, nav data sheets and more without the need to laminate.

Writing Essentials

While you're out there, you'll probably want something weatherproof to write with. The pressurised pens roll through moisture, and write at any angle, to make sure that you can take important notes wherever you need to take them.

Pouches & Covers

You can gather all of your field writing essentials into the durable, custom-fit accessories. Rite in the Rain carry planners, pouches, covers and kits, each crafted to protect and organise your notes and gear.