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Thanks For taking out your time and effort.

By: on 27 June 2019
HI, it was actually pretty good to open an Email that brought this invisible injury/malfunction as I call it to others out there. I am one who suffers PTSD along with physical injuries, which over the last few days has decided to give me a good kicking the butt for what ever reason, well the12th of this month does seem to bring up the memory of some personal things. As I know many would not remember as the media once again certainly didn't. Of that terrible accident that took many in the Blackhawk night training operation which took the lives of some of our elite SASR personal in Australia, that I wish to give my best to family friends and brothers of those lost on that terrible night, RIP To Military Brothers and Mate. I know that doingThis camera Video you have done was probably not real easy on yourself, But well done. I have bought my share of gear from LEGear over the yrs from The original Burleigh Heads QLD store and was always treated very well and looked after. Also I was not asked or even mentioned to write this by any of there staff or Legear people. This condition has been with me many yrs now and also taken many things, that are often taken for granted and looked at as how possibly could you not be able to do this, that or go into a movie theatre or even a bus! Not only has it stopped me going places or being around people, but taken my marriage, kids, my way of life, Feelings even my identity as to what am I now. Right to the point of having my psychiatrist, guide me towards getting my service dog many times for days to weeks off not seeing or talking to another person till maybe an appointment due to one of my medical Dr's. Then there are the times, when you hear someone say that, may of heard me mention after being asked a question Like where have you been no one has seen you even at the shops, and I reply that I've just been at home with Trooper, then hear someone pop up with, yeah I live alone then to add yet how it gets them that there girl friend drops around always at a time when they have planned to do something with there mates and footy training every Thursday night been going really well and how they missed out watching the best part of something as the phone rang of the hook the other night,But how good the bbq around such and such house was such a big one they almost slept most of Sunday. Yet I say nothing but think to myself wow people really don't get when I do say yeah been At home. Yet don't add talking to my dog or myself just to open my mouth to hear a voice. As over the yrs the drop in for a coffee as was in the area or what ever slowly dribbles to the delivery guy from the pizza shop or the phone that u pick up to see if it's still working. As with many Military and emergency service people I've met during groups or other, We all where these people who once Took roles that takes a different sort of person with self discipline and strength to sign that line and take an oath or giving there duty and career to a job that required putting others before themselves That doesn't give large pay days, normal working hrs or conditions to even made feel foolish for taking that role and uniform that until there needed are often put down or talked about behind there backs. to not only work hard and do there chosen field often pushing themselves to be at the top of there fellow peers. Then to fall into the darkness and feeling of helplessness to that of a young child is not only hard to admit to but harder to look into the mirror each day and find a positive thought, feeling or strength to face yet another day after sometimes more than not broken sleep incredible real nightmares and wet pillows and sheets. Yet there are no bandages, crutches or visible disfigurement. Yet pain, fear, embarrassment to things places sounds that where once not even thought about yet now can leave you in so many different ways from tears, shaking, sweating, rage and out bursts. As there are no one symptom one action it could be all and more of the few mentioned. As this demon has no scripted definition for the condition as it is often all conditions at once leaving you that internally tired and crushed that it can be impossible to explain. Yet may of us learn to wear a mask and keep pushing things down until that mask wears out and to find another that fits might not be in your pocket ready and the slide to the bottom of that mountain takes only moments but can take yrs to even make half of the distance. I have only written this which is not easy for me at all especially to have not highlighted selected and deleted. Yet after seeing that another has taken a step and out it out there for others to maybe take a second to think about it or to maybe phone or go goto a person they know and not smother them or treat them like a fragile flower, but to maybe say hey How have YOU been feeling lately?? would you like to go get a coffee or a soft drink and sit and watch the world go by us or just chat ?? As they re

Thanks for the Words and Actions

By: on 27 June 2019
As an Ex Ambo 6 Years and Current Prison Officer 17 years. Life and work can get on top of the Mind. I thank you for raising this in the Community.

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