Designed, developed and tested to the most rigorous standards, the Scorpion range of Personal Protective Equipment provides Front Line officers with the technical assurance they need to tackle the job.

Recognised throughout the industry as a premier quality brand leader, Scorpion PPE has the strength and manoeuvrability to cope with the demands of the toughest of situations. In addition the unique designs incorporate an ease and speed of deployment that is vital in the field.

The comprehensive Scorpion range is made entirely in the UK and has been independently tested and certified to the requirements of BS7971-4:2002 Level 2 and HOSDB (CAST) standard 20/07.


Argus public order helmets are used throughout the UK and internationally by major police, prison and security forces providing proven protection with optimum wearer comfort.

Developed working closely with the Police Scientific Development Branch (PSDB), the Argus PAS 017 public order helmet was borne out of a project to draft a new dedicated PAS017 public order helmet specification.

With a high impact resistant ABS thermosplastic self-coloured shell (Argus PAS 017T) this popular public order helmet includes an energy absobing expanded polystyrene liner for protection against impact.


Designed and manufactured by Civil Defence Supply Ltd in 1985, the Armadillo Interlocking Riot Shield was designed specifically to provide maximum protection in a riot situation. Using its unique interlocking mechanism, front line officers can defend against even the most determined of rioters. The Armadillo Interlocking Riot Shield range is manufactured from only the highest grade polycarbonate, ensuring not only a long service life but unmatched reliability.


Damascus provide the highest level of personal protection including full body riot control gear, helmets, shields, gloves, protective knee and elbow pads and more. Attention to design, function and the smallest of details, along with the use of only the finest quality leathers and materials have delivered consistent and trusted protection to our customers. Its line continues to swiftly evolve as new technologies become available and are subsequently incorporated into our products.


Line of Fire provide the most technically advanced response gear available. Gear that outlasts all others. Gear that invariably outperforms the user’s expectations and requirements. To compromise is to give something up, which Line of Fire will never do. They follow one path: forward. Change is constant, and as its customer’s needs evolve, so will their gear.