The ENLIST program is designed to rewards those who can’t get enough tactical gear. The program is free to join and you’ll be rewarded instantly with a 15% discount off your first purchase.
Q : How do I sign up?

A : Easy, simply create an account here
https://www.legear.com.au/main/enlist/. Once you have an account with us, every time you make a purchase online at www.legear.com.au you will start earning Reward Points.

Q : How do I get my 15% Discount?

A : When you sign up via https://www.legear.com.au/main/enlist/ you will receive an email with your discount code. Your discount is valid for 30 days from when you join. To receive your welcome email with the discount code, existing LEGEAR account holders must make sure that you have elected to receive emails. Login now to update your preferences.

Q : How do I earn points?

A : Once you are a member, you will automatically earn points on every purchase you make online with LEGEAR. You will earn 1 Point for every $ you spend on products, excluding shipping costs and any applicable taxes.
Q : Are there any exclusions?

A : Corporate or Government bulk orders are not eligible to earn ENLIST Points.

Q : How do I redeem points?

A : Points will automatically be applied to your account and remain valid for 24 months from date of issue. When logged in to your account, your available points will show and you can use these for products available from 

Q : How long are my Points valid for?

A : Points are valid for 24 months from date of issue.

Q : Can I transfer them to somebody else?

A : Points cannot be transferred to another account.


Click here to view the full ENLIST program Terms & Conditions