Safariland 575 IWB GLS Pro-Fit Holster 575 IWB PRO FIT COMPACT SAFSEV BLK RH

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SKU 575-283-411
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5/08/18 Rating:

Review Safariland 575 IWB GLS Pro-Fit Holster

I have used or worn a variety of holsters styles from a variety of manufacturers in both discreet and duty carry as well as numerous styles and sizes of sidearm. I find that this particular holster is a bit like a road/trail motor cycle, not quite road and not quite dirt. In that it is not quite an open carry duty holster and not quite a covert carry in waist band (IWB) holster. It is not as low profile or comfortable as a G-Code style IWB holster but more that capable of performing the task asked of it. But this holster has two distinct advantages over others; 1 - it has retention in the form of a positive locking mechanism that does not hinder the draw action and 2 - it fits a number of sizes and styles of handgun, which makes it very handy if you want to carry different weapons types on different jobs. Granted this is not a big market of the industry but if you are in the need, then it does save you having to buy multiple holsters. You could argue that the need for mechanical retention is not necessary as the holster and weapon should be concealed in the first place, but the fact that you have it does provide some small piece of mind that someone isn't going to just grab your weapon as easily. This would be especially true if you do not appendix carry and prefer strong hand or small of back carry. So in summary; This is more than an acceptable product and I do not regret purchasing this holster in any way due to the additional security and multi firearm fit features. I would recommend this holster if you are either short on cash and cannot afford to buy numerous holsters or need a holster that has an additional quality retention feature (which Safariland are well known for) rather than just press fit retention. However, I will continue to IWB appendix carry with a purpose built and designed holster for the specific weapon of choice at the time if conducting concealed carry duties. Pros: Cost, multi weapon carry, extra level of retention. Cons: Bulkier than purpose built, some movement of weapon in holster if firearm is too small or holster not adjusted correctly, needs adjustment with Allen key to fit. Hope this short review has helped and remember that these comments are my personal opinion only and your experience may differ.

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