QuiqLite X USB Rechargeable - Blue/White LED

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Designed by an Officer for Officers, QuiqLite (Quick Light) products have become known and trusted in the world of public safety. QuiqLite products provide a hands-free alternative to holding your flashlight in your hand, under your arm or between your cheek and shoulder while reading writing or maneuvering the in the dark. Unlike other flashlights that impair your night vision by producing too much light, QuiqLite products are specifically designed to activate at low lumens keeping your night vision in tact. Simply attached QuiqLite into your uniform shirt pocket or Molle webbing of your tactical vest and with the push of a button your ready to go!

NEW improved QuiqLiteX rechargeable, the world's smallest brightest USB rechargeable hands-free concealed L.E.D. all purpose-light source for your uniform shirt pocket or tactical vest. QuiqLiteX has new features offering from 20 up to 150 lumens of light on demand with the push of a button. QuiqLiteX will make your job easier and safer without affecting your night vision! 

QuiqLiteX is easy to use: simply push the main On/Off button through the fabric of your shirt pocket - and your ready to go! If more light is required, push the X boost button located on the top of the product to increase brightness from 20 to 75 lumens per white LED.


Brand Quiqlite


5/10/18 Rating:

Very handy and convenient

I work as a nurse in a nursing home and at times, a resident would have a fall and I'd be called to attend to skin tears. The light clips onto my shirt pocket. It's so convenient to have it on as I work, treating the skin tear. It's bright enough to give proper illumination on the wound I'm working on. Most of the time, colleagues and even resident's would ask/comment about the flashlight, because I can work, using both my hands and just position the light head to illuminate the area I'm working on. Very convenient than having someone else hold a flashlight for me. And on night shift, I can walk the hallways or do stuff with both hands. It's all very convenient. The light turns off after 10minutes and to me, that's a bonus. It's a nifty pocketable, 'hidden' light to have. And because it's rechargeable, no buying batteries/changing it often. The swivel clip is also a bonus so it gives me the option to wear it on my belt or clipped on the slit pocket of my Taclite Pro pants.

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