Surefire MR14A/B Adapter Mount


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Surefire MR11 Adapter Mount The MR14A and MR14B attach to rail-less SIG P226 pistols, providing the required accessory rail to mount the X Series WeaponLights . With the MR14 attached, the X Series WeaponLights can be easily slid off your pistol, carried separately, and slid back on when needed. SureFire makes an A and B version to accommodate two variations in the P226 pistol design (see below). The MR14 fits snugly and securely to the pistol. Made from high-strength 7075 aluminum and stainless steel, the MR14 provides outstanding durability. Its design allows tightening or removal with a cartridge rim — no hex wrench is necessary. An elastometer pad with a reinforced steel edge keeps the mount snug against the trigger guard without scratching, and an integral anti-chafing pad prevents scoring or scratching of your pistol's dustcover or frame. This lightweight, low-profile mount is slim enough to allow the pistol plus mount to fit most holsters made for the P226. DETERMINING WHICH VERSION FITS YOUR P226 Serial numbers of 300,000 or lower — MR14A Serial numbers above 300,000 — MR14B -or- Measure the trigger guard's width: If trigger guard is 10 mm wide — MR14A If trigger guard is 11.5 mm wide — MR14B
Slim design allows holstering pistol-plus-mount in most pistol-appropriate holsters
Anti-chafing pad prevents dust cover damage
Construction: ultra high-strength 7000-series aluminum
Brand: SureFire

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